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Gift Certificate Redemption

Photos can be uploaded to our website, or mailed to us. Please provide us with six full sized photos which we will size and crop to fit into our 1/2 inch round photo charms. The best photos have either only one subject, or have several people (or pets) with their heads close together. There should be ample space around the subject's face to allow for cropping. Please feel free to write any additional instructions in the comments section, and advise us if you require your bracelet to be longer or shorter than our standard 7 or 7.5 inches.

Gift Certificate Number:

Bracelet Size:
Petite (7 inches) Regular (7.5 inches)

Upload Photos:
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Send Photos By Mail:

Photos should be mailed to:
Colette Creations
445 East 86th Street, Suite 7C
New York, NY 10028

Please be sure to write your name on each photo so it can be returned to you with your finished bracelet.

Shipping Details
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Legal Disclaimer
By purchasing online, you, the customer, confirm that you own the rights to the respective photograph(s) or have obtained and included the relevant permission(s) with your order. In the event a signed release is not obtainable from the license holder, you, the customer warrant all responsibilities for any Copyright or Infringement of the license holder. By submitting your photos you agree that Colette Creations will not be held responsible for any discrepancies which involve the license holder and the customer who submits the photograph. Lastly, you, the customer, withhold all artistic rights to Colette Creations in producing your photo onto jewelry and its required rendering to fit each charm. Please note colors may vary when transferring to charms and we cannot guarantee the removal of 'red eye' from your images. Colette Creations also does not guarantee the return of your photo(s) in the same condition received. Please do not send your only original copy.


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